La Fundacion Noor

Community Development

We are committed to bringing together community members to take collective action and generate solutions to
common challenges within each community. Working with rural communities in Mexico, we can maximize the human
potential and empower communities to socially, economically and environmentally prosper through their own
endeavors. Our actions are inspired by three fundamental bases:


• Serve with integrity and honesty
• Support for all individuals with respect, care and patience
• Promote a safe, sustainable and healthy environment

Speed Bumps/Topes

Painting of the topes in the village was one of the many ways that LFN was able to aid cars on the roads to better see the topes at night.

Village Church

The church in the community is not only a place of worship, but also a place for children to relax in the shade and socialize with their friends. The church is a symbolism of community and refuge in the village. LFN painting the church also serves to represent that no matter what faith you practice, we can still come together in unity. Inshallah.

Toy Drive

LFN was able to give back to the community by hosting a toy drive to giveaway innumerable toys to children in two different villages. The support, trust and participation of our donors made it possible for children to enjoy the opportunities of a childhood.